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4/6/2017: Serial Mom slays on Blu-ray Disc.


4/5/2017: House deserves to be re-occupied. House II on the other hand...


4/4/2017: It's not all love and rockets in Hidden Figures.


4/3/2017: Underworld: Blood Wars could use a cease-fire.


3/30/2017: A Star Wars side-story proves to be a gamble.


3/23/2017: Monster Trucks is just plain weird.


3/22/2017: Youth in Oregon gets old fast.


3/21/2017: Cancel the Office Christmas Party.


3/20/2017: Disappointing movies are easy to find.


3/17/2017: Assassin's Creed may be the worst movie of the year.


3/16/2017: Live by Night is DOA.


3/15/2017: Don't plant the Demon Seed.


3/14/2017: Be sure to answer when A Monster Calls.


3/13/2017: Collateral Beauty gets pretty emotional.


3/7/2017: For the Love of Spock is a logical choice for viewing.


3/6/2017: Sing just comes off as flat.


3/3/2017: Fences can't keep the bad man out.


3/2/2017: Moana is worth chicken out.


3/1/2017: A*P*E is an odd way to spell terrible.


2/28/2017: Shut In is the worst movie of the year.


2/27/2017: Doctor Strange will see you now.


2/15/2017: The Gate is a "hole" lot of fun.


2/14/2017: Moonlight is not very bright.


2/13/2017: Hacksaw Ridge is a story which needs to be told.


2/10/2017: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk looks better than it really is.


2/9/2017: As is This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse.


2/8/2017: At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul is a bad pick-up line.


2/7/2017: These Nocturnal Animals will not have their day.


2/6/2017: John Wick shoots his way onto 4K UHD.


2/3/2017: The Edge of Seventeen casts high school in a bad light.


2/2/2017: Loving, or not my reaction to this movie.


2/1/2017: The Arrival of the ending is the best part of this film.


1/31/2017: Only the British could ruin motorcycle zombies in Psychomania.


1/30/2017: Manchester by the Sea shows the true range of real-life emotion.


1/27/2017: Don't get carried away with Season Five of Homeland.


1/26/2017: Justice League Dark is horrorible. 


1/25/2017: The 9th Life of Louis Drax should be #1 on your list.


1/24/2017: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back to the store fast enough.


1/23/2017: It's Hugh Grant vs. symbolism in The Lair of the White Worm.


1/18/2017: There's nothing light about The Light Between Oceans.


1/16/2017: I'm not sure if I'll be able to remember Inferno.


1/12/2017: Keeping With The Joneses Isn't Worth It.


1/10/2017: The Monster lives up to its title and that's about it.


1/9/2017: The Accountant is a worthy investment.


1/6/2017: Blair Witch is the sequel/remake no one wanted.


1/5/2017: The Girl on the Train is worth the trip.


1/4/2017: Was Middle School really this bad?


1/3/2017: In Death Race 2050, no one wins.


1/2/2017: This Maximum Ride goes off of the rails.


12/26/2016: Who delivers the Storks?


12/23/2016: Oil's not well on the Deepwater Horizon.


12/22/2016: Next stop, zombies!  Train to Busan.


12/21/2016: The Dressmaker is one of the best movies of the (last) year.


12/20/2016: Sully doesn't crash and burn.


12/19/2016: Phantasm: Ravager is a sad goodbye.


12/16/2016: Don't join Sid & Nancy on their Sad Vacation.


12/15/2016: 31 is 32 points higher than this film deserves.


12/14/2016: Snowden brings you the truth, whether you like it or not.


12/13/2016: No one is talking about The Hollars.


12/12/2016: A power couple walk and talk in Southside With You.


12/9/2016: Morgan is an experiment gone wrong. 


12/8/2016: Author should have been the best movie ever.  Should have.


12/7/2016: Mad Max: Fury Road is now available in B&W.


12/6/2016: Some things are better left Unspoken.


12/5/2016: Suicide Squad is better off dead.


12/2/2016: You've have a ball with Phantasm.


12/1/2016: Jason Bourne should have stayed off the grid.


11/30/2016: Henry is back to terrorize a new audience.


11/29/2016: The sewers.  C.H.U.D.  A perfect match.


11/28/2016: Don't Think Twice about skipping this one.


11/25/2016: Has Will Forte seen The Quiet Earth?


11/24/2016: I didn't like Howards End from the very beginning.


11/23/2016: Don't Breathe won't allow you to catch your breath.


11/22/2016: War Dogs is not worth fighting over.


11/21/2016: The Secret Life of Pets should remain a secret.


11/14/2016: I refused to be linked to Sausage Party.


  11/3/2016: Waxwork can't hold a candle to other horror movies.


11/2/2016: We take an early look at the Finding Dory HD release. 


11/1/2016: The Initiation should be considered hazing.


10/31/2016: Nine Lives should put the cat back in the bag.


10/28/2016: Go back to school with Indignation.


10/27/2016: Imperium isn't a horror movie, but it's very scary.


10/26/2016: Bad Moms. OK movie.


10/25/2016: Dark Water is a soggy mess.


10/24/2016: Star Trek Beyond is like a big budget trip to 1966.


10/21/2016: Lights Out will double your power bill.


10/20/2016: The Infiltrator goes deep under cover, but not deep enough.


10/19/2016: It takes Nerve to rip-off other movies like this.


10/18/2016: Have you seen Independence Day: Resurgence?  Yes, you have.


10/14/2016: Elvis fights a mummy in Bubba Ho-Tep


10/13/2016: Ghostbusters remake -- A bad idea which, as it turns out, was a bad idea.


10/12/2016: Manhattan Baby sounds like an Austin Powers quote.


10/11/2016: Lettuce tell you about Slugs.


10/10/2016: Pacific Rim gets robotic in 4K.


10/7/2016: Does The Great Gatsby look richer in 4K?


10/6/2016: Swiss Army Man is full of hot air.


10/5/2016: Call Greenpeace, because The Wailing should be outlawed.


10/4/2016: The Legend of Tarzan doesn't monkey around.


10/3/2016: This movie will remain a Complete Unknown.


9/30/2016: Warcraft -- What the orc did I just watch?


9/29/2016: Join the Hunt for the Wilderpeople.


9/28/2016: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and a sense of shame.


9/27/2016: Central Intelligence actually shows a great deal of intelligence.


9/20/2016: The obscure Chosen Survivors deserves its turn at bat.


9/19/2016: The Turtles are Out of the Shadows and out of ideas.


9/16/2016: The Conjuring 2 is better than the first film.


9/15/2016: I hope that this isn't The Shape of Things to Come.


9/14/2016: The zombies aren't funny in Night of the Living Deb.


9/13/2016: Cell is yet another bad Stephen King adaptation.


9/12/2016: The Neon Demon is the worst film of the year.


9/11/2016: South Park is poignant, but is it funny?


9/10/2016: Tab Hunter Confidential is no longer on the QT.


9/4/2016: Heart and art meet in The Iron Giant.


9/3/2016: Tenebrae is a stylish murder-mystery.


9/2/2016: The Flash? Check. King Shark? Check. That is all.


9/1/2016: The People V. O.J. Simpson actually fits.


8/31/2016: It's been 9 seasons of nerd on The Big Bang Theory.


8/30/2016: Was "CSI: Lucifer" a good idea?


8/29/2016: Money Monster is a terrible title.


8/26/2016: Me Before You isn't just a chick flick.


8/25/2016: Genius may be an overstatement.


8/24/2016: Don't see Now You See Me 2.


8/23/2016: What kind of a Clown would green-light this movie?


8/22/2016: Stolen ideas plus bad video Equals failure.


8/19/2016: The Huntsman: Winter's War left me cold.


8/18/2016: The Nice Guys are pretty good.


8/17/2016: All Things Must Pass will have you crying into your vinyl.


8/16/2016: Ash Vs Evil Dead is groovy, gory fun.


8/12/2016: The Man Who Knew Infinity doesn't add up.


8/11/2016: Supergirl doesn't fly quite high enough.


8/10/02016: I'm not very happy with The Angry Birds Movie.


7/28/2016: Good Grief!  Demolition is an odd film.


7/27/2016: Lazer Team is a misfire.


7/26/2016: Meet the Blacks.  On second thought, don't.


7/25/2016: It's a boy(s)!  Basket Case 3.


7/22/2015: Conjoin us in watching Basket Case 2.


7/21/2016: You'll see right through A Hologram for the King.


7/20/2016: Let me the first person to tell you Hardcore Henry isn't good.


7/19/2016: Keanu is a let down and cat's a fact.


7/18/2016: Mother's Day should apologize to mother's everywhere.


7/15/2016: Don't fall for Summer Camp.


7/14/2016: iZombie Season Two maintains a slow, steady pulse.


7/13/2016: Viral is like "Home War Z".  


7/12/2016: Batman V Superman V a good script.


7/11/2016: Sharks and claustrophobia clash In the Deep.


7/8/2016: iZombie has some issues, but it's not DOA.


7/7/2016: The Boss should not be in charge. 


7/6/2016: Kung Fu Panda 3 -- You know this move.


7/5/2016: Elvis & Nixon truly takes care of business.


7/4/2016: Turn your collar up for The Preppie Connection.


7/1/2016: Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe is another misleading title.


6/30/2016: The title isn't the only confusing thing about A Cat in the Brain.


6/28/2016: Everybody Wants Some pleasant memories from the 80s.


6/27/2016: Search Party is looking for an original idea.


6/24/2016: The Midnight After misses the bus.


6/23/2016: The X-Files are back, and so is the confusion.


6/22/2016: Learn the secrets of Creepshow in Just Desserts.


6/21/2016: The Levenger Tapes should be erased.


6/20/2016: The Brothers Grimsby is not ele-funny.


6/17/2016: The Crush describes your expectations.


6/16/2016: 45 Years does not bring the word "bliss" to mind.


6/15/2016: No, Oprah is not in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.


6/14/2016: Midnight Special -- There are at least two things wrong with that title.


6/13/2016: Mr. Right?  How about Mr. Half-right?


6/12/2016.  Say it with me, "Not a sequel."


6/11/2016: What the Hail, Caesar!?


6/10/2016: London Has Fallen, but my expectations are still high.


6/9/2016: Get A Job needs to upgrade its resume.


6/8/2016: Touched With Fire has its ups and downs.


6/7/2016: You'll go wild over Zootopia.


6/6/2016: 13 Hours.  That sounds about right.


6/3/2016: Triple 9 equals 27.  That's more entertaining than the film.


6/1/2016: Casual Encounters is far too casual.


5/31/2016: Here's The Confirmation that this is worth watching.


5/30/2016: Kill Your Friends will make you re-think your record collection.


5/20/2016: Gods of Egypt is no pyramid scheme.


5/19/2016: Zoolander 2 doesn't exhibit model behavior.


5/18/2016: The Finest Hours are actually mediocre minutes.


5/17/2016: Anomalisa puts the "stop" in stop-motion.


5/13/2016: Sorceress is a movie which has few witches.


5/12/2016: I don't see myself watching The Mirror again.


5/11/2016: How to Be (the) Single time I watch this movie.


5/10/2016: RWBY rhymes with Scooby.


5/9/2016: Yes, a lot of things go south in Southbound.


5/3/2016: Want to watch The Witch? Goat for it!


5/2/2016: Someone call the cops!  Kevin Hart steals Ride Along 2.


4/29/2016: You must watch Where to Invade Next.


4/28/2016: The Boy almost comes to life.


4/27/2016: The Perfume of the Lady in Black stinks.


4/26/2016: The laughs aren't compressed in Silicon Valley.


4/25/2016: The 5th Wave invades familiar territory.


4/20/2016: Scream if you miss Ghostface.


4/19/2016: Fill you hot pocket with The Jim Gaffigan Show.


4/18/2016: Emelie won't be joining The Babysitter's Club.


4/15/2016: Don't visit The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.


4/12/2016: The "D" stands for "don't".


4/11/2016: Regression will not become a cult classic.


4/8/2016: Something foul has washed up on Miracle Beach.


4/7/2016: Justice League Vs. X-Men...Teen Titans.


4/6/2016: Don't visit the Village of the Damned.


4/5/2016: The title Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre says it all.


4/4/2016: Daniel Tosh has forgotten how to be funny.


4/1/2016: The Hateful Eight needed a ninth person; an editor.


3/31/2016: This Cherry Tree should be chopped down.


3/30/2016: You'll love these episode of Episodes.


3/29/2016: The trees couldn't stop me from seeing The Forest.


3/28/2016: The Hunger Games finally gets its fill. 


3/16/2016: Tumbledown hits a sour note.


3/15/2016: I was not shaken by Concussion.


3/14/2016: Alvin and the Chipmunks hit the road.


3/11/2016: Irish Brooklyn had been a better movie.


3/10/2016: Daddy's Home.  Act like you aren't.


3/9/2016: Carol gets too intimate for its own good.


3/8/2016: Species II goes for broke on Blu-ray Disc.


3/7/2016: Monster Dog needs a Cooper scooper.


3/4/2016: The Big Short is the scariest film of the year.


3/3/2016: I'm puzzled as to why Pieces isn't more popular.


3/2/2016: You don't have to be a Brainiac to like Justice League: Cosmic Clash.


3/1/2016: I wish that these Sisters were estranged.


2/29/2016: You find a whale In the Heart of the Sea.


2/26/2015: Keep the receipt for The Night Before.


2/25/2016: The Good Dinosaur is a bad movie.


2/24/2016: But who will look after The Lion Guard?


2/23/2016: Up the Creek goes to the dogs.


2/22/2016: The Serpent and the Rainbow is what we are Craven.


2/19/2016: Take a ride on the Highway to Hell.


2/18/2016: 99 Homes is 1 depressing movie.


2/17/2016: Freaks of Nature is a monster mess.


2/16/2016: My All American didn't need to go into overtime.


2/15/2016: Spotlight deserves to be noticed.


2/12/2016: This Hangman was given too much rope.


2/11/2016: Man? Woman? If only The Danish Girl had been a good movie.


2/10/2016: Let's keep the Secret in Their Eyes a secret.


2/9/2016: The Keeping Room can keep to itself.


2/8/2016: Batman: Bad Blood needs more Batman.


2/5/2016: Spectre proves that Bond needs to shake (not stir) things up.


2/4/2016: My Grandma never acted like this.


2/3/2016: Don't feel sorry for these Martyrs.


2/2/2016: Estranged is good enough to warrant a remake.


2/1/2016: I would like to share my review of Trumbo with you.


1/29/2016: Steve Jobs takes a bite out of the tech icon.


1/28/2016: There are more ghosts in your house than in Crimson Peak.


1/27/2016: It's disgusting how tame The Green Inferno is.


1/26/2016: Cancel The Visit and stay home.


1/25/2016: Sinister 2 acts like a sequel, but it really isn't.


1/22/2016: Things don't get more British than Downton Abbey: Season 6.


1/21/2016: Goosebumps takes a novel approach towards horror.


1/20/2016: Don't bother snooping in The Diary of a Teenage Girl.


1/19/2016: You can be trained to like Howl.


1/18/2016: Burnt comes off as half-baked.


1/17/2016: Yes, things do get worse in the final Paranormal Activity film.


1/16/2016: Straight Outta Compton doesn't deserve a bad rap.


1/13/2016: Don't let The Guardian watch your kids or pick out your movies.


1/11/2016: Highly unsatisfying.


1/6/2016: I'll recommend this Over Your Dead Body.


1/5/2016: Don't run to see The Walk.


1/4/2016: Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser -- One of those words is accurate.


1/2/2016: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is knot very good.


12/28/2015: The western gets wacky in Bone Tomahawk.


12/13/2015: Thundercrack! is a film with a very narrow audience.


12/11/2015: Ted 2 is actually bear-able. 


12/9/2015: Jaws - shark + automobile - logic + Brolin = The Car


12/7/2015: Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is too Bond-like for its own good.


12/5/2015: Minions:  Little, yellow, different.


12/2/2015: Making Ant-Man a good movie was no small feat. 


11/30/2015: A Christmas Horror Story is a nice surprise for your stocking.


11/27/2015: Say Goodnight Mommy to this predictable movie.


11/23/2015: Don't run from No Escape.


11/16/2015: Gatchaman: The Movie is an anthology of reruns.


11/9/2015: You've already seen Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas.


11/6/2015: The Final Girls really takes you behind the scenes.


11/5/2015: Trainwreck - their word, not mine.


11/4/2015: Aliens bring a case of the sleepies to Earth in Strange Invaders.


11/3/2015: Looking for a good movie?  Keep Inside Out in mind.


11/2/2015: The Gift is worth opening.


10/30/2015: Try a staycation instead.


10/29/2015: Terminator Genisys is an action-packed ball of confusion.


10/28/2015: Get in the ring with Mike Tyson Mysteries: Season One.


10/27/2015: Southpaw is down for the count.


10/26/2015: The arcade re-opens in Pixels.


10/21/2015: I hope that this is the definitive Army of Darkness release.


10/20/2015: There's a lot at stake in John Carpenter's Vampires.


10/19/2015: Jurassic World proves that movies can be cloned as well.


10/16/2015: Surprisingly, Mosquito doesn't suck.


10/15/2015: Aladdin returns to home video in a magical new release.


10/14/2015: Life in Dope can be risky business.


10/13/2015: Don't bother visiting Monsterville.


10/6/2015: Fangs for this new Blu-ray of Bram Stoker's Dracula.


10/5/2015: Cronenberg's best comes to Blu-ray Disc.


10/2/2015: Spy is not an especially spot-on spoof.


10/1/2015: There's no originality under the surface of Tremors 5.


9/30/2015: Pitch Perfect 2 stays in tune with the first film.


9/29/2015: You'll zip through Season One of The Flash.


9/28/2015: Tell the young actress to "break a leg" in Insidious: Chapter 3.


9/15/2015: Claire Danes can't "Carrie" Season 4 of Homeland.


9/14/2015: Animation truly comes to life in Cinderella.


9/11/2015: There's no Walken away from At Close Range.


9/10/2015: Penny's hair nearly ruins Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory.


9/9/2015: Immortality isn't long enough in The Age of Adaline.


9/8/2015: Wouldn't it be nice to see a movie like Love & Mercy?


9/7/2015: Take Morituris to the curb, because it is garbage.


9/4/2015: There's a whole lot of Jason in Crystal Lake Memories.


9/3/2015: Apparently the script got Lost After Dark.


9/2/2015: Furious 7 and I'm not so happy myself.


9/1/2015: Good Kill drives its point home and then keeps going.


8/31/2015: Original zombie movies are on the brink of Extinction.


8/28/2015: Curse? Downer?  Those words are very accurate.


8/27/2015: Non-stop action prevails in Mad Max: Fury Road.


8/26/2015: What would possess you to watch Inner Demons?


8/25/2015: Be prepared for a bad ending in Cub.


8/24/2015: The D Train gets an F.


8/7/2015: A Little Chaos...a very little.


8/6/2015: Vampire Hunter D sucks.


8/5/2015: The Legion of Doom tries to block the Lego Justice League.


8/4/2015: Disney Animated Shorts are a mixed bag.


8/3/2015: Yes, that's Batman riding a dinosaur in Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem.


7/31/2015: Here's a True Story: this movie stinks.


7/30/2015: Choose the faction which doesn't include Insurgent.


7/29/2015: Suicide?  Not once it's been Soaked in Bleach.


7/28/2015: It's all right if Hot Pursuit eludes your grasp.


7/27/2015: Dig a hole for this movie as well while you are Burying the Ex.


7/24/2015: Any semblance of quality joins Your Face on the trip.


7/23/2015: The Affair isn't worth the risk.


7/22/2015: The Black Stallion gallops onto Blu-ray Disc.


7/21/2015: White God offers a dark dog.


7/20/2015: The Town That Dreaded Sundown shows a spark of creativity.


7/17/2015: Ex Machina my be too artificially intelligent for its own good.


7/16/2015: It's a different world in Justice League: Gods and Monsters.


7/15/2015: Sink your teeth into What We Do in the Shadows.


7/14/2015: Read about Every Secret Thing that this film does wrong.


7/13/2015: Contamination is not infectious.


7/10/2015: The Longest Ride feels like the longest movie.


7/9/2015: Nothing can protect you from Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.


7/8/2015: You need to see this movie While We're Young.


7/7/2015: The Pact II has been broken.  Very broken.


7/6/2015: Dang!  Joe Dirt has made it to Blu-ray.


7/3/2015: You won't get sick of Maggie.


7/2/2015: It Follows.  It also disappoints.


7/1/2015: Prepare to be swept away by Spirited Away.


6/23/2015: When did it Get (so) Hard to make a good comedy?


6/22/2015: I don't remember 1990 being this unoriginal.


6/19/2015: I can name one thing we don't need.


6/18/2015: As you know, Spring always ends with a fall.


6/17/2015: Sure, F/X is a bit dated, but it's still effective.


6/16/2015: The Newsroom signs off and will be missed.


6/15/2015: Oldman is a young man in State of Grace.


6/12/2015: 20 Back-to-School Tales barely gets a passing grade.


6/8/2015: Cross-dressing and video games meet in Der Samurai.


6/5/2015: She gets a show, we get a movie in Welcome to Me.


6/2/2015: Leave The Duff at home on Friday night.


6/1/2015: The SpongeBob Movie brings SquarePants to our world.


5/28/2015: Go back in time and erase the existence of Project Almanac.


5/27/2015: McFarland, USA is cliched, but it's on the right track.


5/26/2015: Should Let Us Prey get out of lock-up?


5/14/2015: Lost River drowns in weirdness and darkness.


5/13/2015: Don't renew your lease on The Loft.


5/12/2015: There's no future for Hot Tub Time Machine 2.


5/11/2015: [Rec] 4: Apocalypse is the end of the series, but not the world.


5/8/2015: It's all the Nucky you can handle in Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Series.


5/7/2015: American Sniper hits the mark...barely.


5/6/2015: There's no grey area: Black or White is a bad movie.


5/5/2015: Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts is animated fun.


5/4/2015: The Pyramid is loaded with unfulfilled promises.


5/3/2015: Is The Drownsman good? Don't hold your breath.


5/2/2015: Fifty Shades of Grey will leave you cold.


5/1/2015: Paddington is too cute to bear.


4/30/2015: You won't soon forget Still Alice.


4/29/2015: Selma gets our vote.


4/28/2015: We learn that Cake and prescription drugs don't mix.


4/27/2015: Inherent Vice is a trippy mystery.


4/22/2015: Taken 3 says, "Paging Dr. Richard Kimble".


4/16/2015: The Cobbler - the most racist movie ever made.


4/15/2015: Gun Woman misses the target.


4/14/2015: The Wedding Ringer should be arrested for larceny.


4/13/2015: Avert your gaze from Big Eyes.


4/10/2015: Don't feel bad if you are Late for Dinner.


4/9/2015: This Long Weekend is no vacation.


4/8/2015: Owl recommend Batman Vs Robin.


4/7/2015: Scary things come From the Dark.


4/6/2015: You're better off being Hit by Lightning.


4/3/2015: Get your grunge on with Singles.


4/1/2015: You'll leap for Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.


3/30/2015: The Rewrite needed a rewrite (or two).


3/20/2015: Forget the other HBO shows and discover Silicon Valley.


3/19/2015: Digging Up The Marrow doesn't even scratch the surface.


3/18/2015: Exodus: Gods and Kings is plagued with issues.


3/17/2015: Put Top Five in your top five (in your queue).


3/16/2015: If you watch My Girl with your girl, be prepared to comfort her.


3/9/2015: My interest in Late Phases is waning. 


3/6/2015: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 has a lot of politics, but little action.


3/5/2015: Foxcatcher is a terrible true story, and that's a fact.


3/4/2015: Watch Life Partners with your best friend.


2/27/2015: Gold Told Me To is the kind of wacky only the 1970's could produce.


2/26/2015: Watership Down isn't about boats or goose feathers.


2/25/2015: Innocence is like "Gossip Girl: The Horror Movie".


2/24/2015: Marriage gets a bad rap in Let's Kill Ward's Wife.


2/23/2015: You haven't seen The Intruders, but you've seen The Intruders.


2/22/2015: Guess witch version of Black Sunday this is.


2/16/2015: Go into orbit with Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness.


2/10/2015: Life Itself gets a thumbs up.


2/9/2015: You're going to need a flow-chart to follow Predestination.


2/6/2015: Two decades later, Dumb and Dumber To arrives.


2/5/2015: This movie came out, but does it Lookalike I care?


2/4/2015: Adulthood is incredibly frightening in Laggies.


2/3/2015: This just in: Nightcrawler is impressively creepy.


2/2/2015: Alexander's not the only one having a bad day.


2/1/2015: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby reveals the dark side of love.


1/31/2015: The title of Dracula Untold suddenly seems inaccurate.


1/30/2015: Don't bet on Poker Night to deliver.


1/29/2015: This movie thinks that Bigfoot Exists.  Do you?


1/28/2015: Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy Vs. Your Attention Span.


1/27/2015: John Wick kills everyone in sight.  And that's about it.


1/26/2015: Aquaman is crowned in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.


1/24/2015: Ouija left me bored.


1/23/2015: I will recommend this movie Before I Go To Sleep.


1/22/2015: If you watch Fury, your subwoofer will tank you.


1/21/2015: Big Driver is not a software update.


1/20/2015: The Judge offers great acting and I'll allow it.


1/19/2015: I think Mas Negro Que La Noche means "bad movie".


1/16/2015: It's scary how real The Atticus Institute looks.


1/15/2015: Gone Girl is worth seeking out.


1/14/2015: Jessabelle says let me run this bayou.


1/13/2015: Not all of the episodes of Episodes are good episodes.


1/12/2015: A Walk Among the Tombstones makes some grave errors.


1/7/2015: Get addicted to Season Five of Archer


1/6/2015: Say goodbye to Nucky in Boardwalk Empire: Season Five.


1/5/2015: The Scorpion King 4 has no Rock or sand. 


1/2/2015: The emotion gets lost like a White Bird in a Blizzard.


1/1/2015: Make No Good Deed stay on the porch.


12/31/2014: Learn a little bit about James Brown in Get On Up.


12/30/2014: Boyhood spans 12 years; feels like 20.


12/29/2014: This Honeymoon is worth celebrating.


12/26/2014: The Houses October Built should be condemned.


12/23/2014: Watch this App on your TV, not your phone.


12/22/2014: Don't let The Guest into your house.


12/19/2014: Quite to the contrary, Tootsie is not a drag.


12/17/2014: Horns wants to know your secrets.


12/16/2014: An old dog botches new tricks in The Equalizer.


12/15/2014: The Good Lie is a great movie.


12/13/2014: Take Pride in the fact that there are good people in the world.


12/11/2014: The Long Hair of Death could use a trim.


12/10/2014: Yes, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever is a real thing.


12/9/2014: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles falls flat in 3D.


12/8/2014: The pace of Stonehearst Asylum drove me crazy.


12/5/2014: Don't hold The Devil's Hand.  (You probably already knew that.)


12/4/2014: As Above So below average.


12/3/2014: Choose a staycation over Slaughter Hotel.


12/2/2014: Have fun with a raccoon with no fear of rabies in Guardians of the Galaxy.


12/1/2014: Skip work and watch The Office: The Complete Series.


11/28/2014: The editor must have stopped At the Devil's Door.


11/24/2014: Prepare to be pummeled by Dead Snow 2.


11/21/2014: Give The Giver a chance.


11/20/2014: And So It Goes back to the store.


11/19/2014: What If Harry Potter fell in love...?


11/18/2014: Demons and Demons 2 invade Blu-ray Disc.


11/17/2014: Tesis snuffs out the competition.


11/13/2014: 22 Jump Street brings us more of the same.


11/12/2014: Hercules is all muscles and no magic.


11/11/2014: Today's Headline: The Newsroom is a great show!


11/10/2014: The finale of True Blood is anemic.


11/7/2014: Getting On is too depressing for my own good.


  11/6/2014: Planes: Fire & Rescue flames out on Blu-ray Disc.


11/5/2014: Soggy zombies chase vacationers in Shock Waves.


11/4/2014: Housebound isn't worth venturing out for.


11/3/2014: Bad taste abounds in Nekromantik.


10/31/2014: Look through the eyes of Grace The Possesion.


10/30/2014: The Damned movie isn't very good.


10/29/2014: Werewolf Woman gives "full moon" a new meaning.


10/28/2014: Happy Christmas is a cinematic lump of coal.


10/27/2014: The Blob finally oozes onto Blu-ray Disc.


10/24/2014: Witching & Bitching is a bad, but oddly accurate, title.


10/23/2014: Life After Beth has no pulse.


10/22/2014: This movie is The One I Love.


10/21/2014: Don't make tracks to see Snowpiercer.


  10/20/2014: Don't rush to see Premature.


10/17/2014: Deliver Us From Evil and from dark movies.


10/16/2014: Feel free to doubt The Believers.


10/15/2014: The Scribbler must have written this script.


10/14/2014: Prepare to see several familiar faces Behaving Badly.


10/13/2014: The Taking of Deborah Logan is hard to forget.


10/11/2014: Audrey Rose should have stayed dead.


  10/6/2014: Million Dollar Arm strikes out.


10/4/2014: A Million Ways to Die in the West offers a few dozen chuckles.


10/3/2014: Go way behind the music with Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.


10/2/2014: Are You Here for Matthew Weiner's big debut?


9/30/2014: Things get all Mad Max-y in The Rover.


9/29/2014: The third season is the charm for Homeland.


9/27/2014: Get your Phil of Modern Family, now on DVD only.


9/26/2014: New cast, new robots, same result.


9/24/2013: Close the flue.


9/23/2014: The Producer's Cut of Halloween 6 finally comes home.


9/22/2014: Leatherface is back and looks better than ever in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


9/19/2014: These Neighbors will lower your property value.


9/17/2014: The Dead 2 is no Bollywood musical.


9/15/2014: The Italians take a stab at the slasher film with Stagefright.


9/9/2014: A Long Way Down disappoints at 32 feet per second.


9/8/2014: The Originals is an odd name for a show based on another show.


9/3/2014: Has anything happened in Willow Creek?  Not Yeti.


9/4/2014: Rom-coms take a beating in They Came Together.


9/1/2014: Moms' Night Out should have stayed home.


8/30/2014: This boring film will have you singing the Baby Blues.


8/29/2014: Move up the board to snag Draft Day.


8/28/2014: The Sacrament should be a "cult" classic.


8/27/2014: Trust Me, this flick is worth checking out.


8/26/2014: Varsity Blood is incredibly anemic.


8/25/2014: No need to stay up late for The Midnight Game.


8/24/2014: Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an action-packed blast.


8/23/2014: The Possession of Michael King levels the gender playing field.


8/22/2014: Try as it may, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero isn't infectious.


8/21/2014: Worm is not the movie of my dreams.


8/20/2014: If you have a craving for zombies and rats, this double-feature should suffice.


8/19/2014: The squeamish should watch this one by Proxy.


8/18/2014: The Quiet Ones doesn't have much to say.


8/15/2014: Check-in for chills in Toy Story of Terror.


8/14/2014: We're not sorry to see Californication: The Final Season.


8/13/2014: It's scary how bad A Haunted House 2 is.


8/12/2014: Learn how those teenage mutant ninjas came to be in Turtle Power.


8/11/2014: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 spins out of control.


8/8/2014: Our old friends return to form in Muppets Most Wanted.


8/7/2014: Let the nanny watch Rosemary's Baby while you do something else.


8/6/2014: What lies behind the Curtains?


8/5/2014: You'll have a vine time with Tarzan.


8/4/2014: Mythology and a gospel chorus clash in Hercules.


8/1/2014: Divergent plays like a greatest hits of other movies.


7/30/2014: You'll be rewarded for your patience with Boardwalk Empire: Season 4.


7/29/2014: The Other Woman deserves to be shunned.


7/28/2014: Need for Speed can't get out of first gear.


7/25/2014: I'll Follow You Down to the science club to discuss this movie.


7/24/2014: Ping Pong Summer deserves to be paddled.


7/23/2014: The Big Chill won't leave you cold.


7/22/2014: Artificial Intelligence is the only intelligence in Transcendence.


7/21/2014: Fiction and reality collide in Ja'mie: Private School Girl.


7/7/2014: All Cheerleaders Die, but they do it with spirit!


7/1/2014: It's vampires Chinese-style in Rigor Mortis.


6/30/2014: Blue Ruin shows that action and revenge can be done quietly.


6/24/2014: Found footage gets a high-octane boost in Afflicted.


6/23/2014: Lower your expectations for 300: Rise of an Empire.


6/20/2014: The 80s are back with a vengeance in Almost Human.


6/19/2014: Winter's Tale left me cold.


6/18/2014: The Machine needs new batteries.


6/17/2014: Let the call from 13 Sins go to voicemail.


6/16/2014: Joy Ride 3 has eighteen wheels and zero appeal.


6/11/2014: The Lego Movie never really clicks.


6/10/2014: Your in-flight movie will be Non-Stop...unfortunately.


6/9/2014: Devil's Knot unravels very quickly.


6/3/2014: Death Bed: The Weirdest Movie Ever Made.


5/30/2014: This RoboCop fails to complete the Prime Directive: Be Entertaining.


5/26/2014: True Blood Season Five Part Two...er...Season Six.


5/23/2014: Death Spa proves that exercise can be deadly.


5/21/2014: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit should remain in darkness.


5/20/2014: True Detective makes false promises.


5/19/2014: There's little to lava in Pompeii.


5/14/2014: Kenny Powers goes out with a bang on Eastbound & Down.


5/13/2014: Do some time with Orange is the New Black.


5/12/2014: House of Dust, please Levius alone.


5/9/2014: Endless Love inspires boundless hate.


5/8/2014: There's That Awkward Moment when you realizes this movie stinks.


5/7/2014: Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed offers food-focused family-friendly fun.


5/6/2014: I know a him who wasn't impressed with Her.


5/5/2014: Final Exam should hide its report card.


5/2/2014: Evilspeak features the worst computer virus ever.


5/1/2014: Labor Day needed a lot more work.


4/30/2014: Mr. Jones takes the "scare" out of scarecrow.


4/29/2014: Why on Earth would Veronica Mars return to Neptune?


4/28/2014: Devil's Due could use some parenting lessons.


4/23/2014: Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today is claws for alarm.


4/16/2014: Used Cars doesn't have much tread left on the tires.


4/15/2014: It's no secret that Walter Mitty is a visually stunning film.


4/9/2014: The Invisible Woman left me feeling hollow.


4/8/2014: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is muy decepcionante.


4/7/2014: These Cavemen need to evolve (or get better agents).


4/4/2014: The team behind Beneath cod have done a better job.


4/3/2014: Grudge Match should throw in the towel.


4/2/2014: Holliston says, "Season 2 means no laughs for you!"


4/1/2014: We went batty over Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.


3/31/2014: It's all denim and women in The Slumber Party Massacre.


3/28/2014: Philomena is a moving true story.


3/27/2014: Delivery Man doesn't deliver...at all.


3/26/2014: Saving Mr. Banks is one of the best of 2013.


3/25/2014: The Sixth Season of Californication -- Brought to you by Xerox.


3/24/2014: Money changes everything in The Wolf of Wall Street.


3/17/2014: Out of the Furnace remains lukewarm throughout.


3/14/2014: Don't Return to Nuke 'em High.


3/13/2014: Big hair, mumbling, and a forgotten story -- This is American Hustle.


3/12/2014: In Fear wants to take you along for a ride.


3/11/2014: Spike Lee brings us a new take on Oldboy.


3/10/2014: Frozen left me cold.


3/4/2014: The Middle is funny because it's true.


3/3/2014: Things aren't safe (or interesting) on the Homefront.


3/1/2014: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire fails to find a spark.


2/26/2014: Things aren't always in black-&-white in Nebraska.


2/25/2014: Shh!  The Americans might be listening. 


2/24/2014: The Counselor: Great cast, legendary director, awful movie.


2/22/2014: Thor: The Dark World isn't able to hammer home its message.


2/21/2014: Gravity failed to pull me in.


2/20/2014: Birds of a feather get weird together on Regular Show.


2/18/2014: Hellbenders is devilishly bad. 


2/17/2014: For some reason, Afternoon Delight wants you to hate every character.


2/16/2014: Darkman refuses to remain under wraps.


2/14/2013: Free Birds isn't a turkey...but it comes close.


2/13/2014: Scarecrow is outstanding in its field.


2/12/2014: How I Live Now is a movie you should watch now.


2/11/2014: Cancel your trip to Austenland.


2/10/2014: Stop whatever you are doing and watch Haunter.


2/9/2014: Justice League: War puts a new spin on an old story.


2/7/2014: Memory of the Dead is utterly forgettable.


2/6/2014: Fans of The Jungle Book will be Mowgli-ful over this release.


2/5/2014: Bad Milo had opportunities to be good, but it wrecked 'em.


2/4/2014: Best Man Down...as are my hopes for a fun movie.


2/3/2014: In A World... finds its voice on Blu-ray Disc.


1/31/2014: Feel free to cheat on Scorned with a better movie.


1/30/2014: The blood runs red in The White Queen.


1/29/2014: An Italian master continues his demise with Dracula.


1/28/2014: The Fifth Estate isn't worth publishing.


1/27/2014: The old dogs in Last Vegas don't have new tricks, but they are funny.


1/25/2014: Machete Kills your chance of seeing a good movie tonight.


1/24/2014: The forecast looks Barry good in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.


1/23/2014: Captain Phillips is no pleasure cruise.


1/21/2014: Go to bed early on the Night of the Demons.


1/20/2014: Witchboard says, "Are you moving it?  I'm not moving it!"


1/17/2014: Bad Grandpa delivers a good time.


1/16/2014: Never Sleep Again will have you ready for Freddy.


1/13/2014: Leave Riddick stranded on that planet. 


1/9/2014: What is We Are What We Are?


1/8/2014: I'm giving Lee Daniels' The Butler the night off.


1/7/2014: Drama boards the train at Fruitvale Station.


1/6/2014: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters gets caught in a riptide of mediocrity.


1/2/2014: Big Ass Spider! offers extra-large fun.


12/24/2013: Gatchaman engages in a Battle of the Planets on DVD.


12/23/2013: It's going to take more than a med-bed to heal Elysium.


12/20/2013: The past haunts the present in Insidious: Chapter 2.


12/19/2013: I heard that Berberian Sound Studio stinks.


12/17/2013: The Devil's Pass falls incomplete.


12/16/2013: You don't have to be a punk to like CBGB


12/15/2013: My attention wasn't held captive by Prisoners.


12/14/2013: Nightmare City is worth waking up to.


12/13/2013: The Lone Ranger has a train wreck, but it isn't a train wreck.


12/5/2013: The Smurfs 2 is back in blue.


12/2/2013: Don't relocate to the City of Bones.


11/29/2013: Mickey's Christmas Carol has holiday spirits.


11/28/2013: Thinks of Planes as Pixar-lite.


11/27/2013: Getaway from this movie as fast as you can.


11/26/2013: These Drinking Buddies have reached last call.


11/25/2013: Why do All the Boys Love Mandy Lane?


11/22/2013: Despicable Me 2 shows you that Gru is not through.


11/19/2013: Paranoia proves the corporate spying can be dull.


11/18/2013: Turbo quickly runs out of gas.


11/15/2013: I truly felt like it was The World's End.


11/14/2013: It appears that no one on-board had any Passion for this film.


11/13/2013: We're the Millers is an impressive comedy, know what I'm sayin'?


11/11/2013: We get an Irish take on the monster movie with Grabbers.


11/8/2013: Prince Avalanche is a movie which really goes downhill.


11/7/2013: Dexter doesn't get the killer ending it deserves.


11/6/2013: Man of Steel is our nominee for worst movie of the year.


11/5/2013: Maniac Cop 3 redefines road rage.


11/4/2013: Maniac Cop 2 should be put on desk duty.


11/1/2013: Happy Endings comes to an end, and I'm not happy.


10/31/2013: White House Down, just like my hopes.


10/30/2013: Electoral Dysfunction could have used Mo details.


10/29/2013: Put this one Way Way Back in your queue. 


10/28/2013: Just keep telling yourself, "I can push eject at any time..."


10/25/2013: Jug Face offers a new vessel for horror.


10/24/2013: The Heat proves that something can be equally clichéd and entertaining.


10/23/2013: I don't think Monsters University is an accredited institution.


10/22/2013: I Give it a Year -- You give it a pass.


10/21/2013: The Conjuring left me feeling wan.


10/20/2013: Only a Maniac would embrace this remake.


10/19/2013: This Fright Night 2 is a remake of a remake.


10/18/2013: Lightning McQueen is now coming at you in 3D!


10/17/2013: The Other is worth watching twice.


10/16/2013: Europa Report shows that space travel can be dangerous and boring.


10/15/2013: Godzilla's lawyer should watch Pacific Rim.


10/14/2013: The Croods is worth leaving the cave for.


10/11/2013: Nothing Left to Fear or enjoy or recommend...


10/10/2013: Use Modern Family to Phil up your viewing schedule.


10/9/2013: These characters can't help but be Stuck in Love.


10/8/2013: House of Wax gets really deep on Blu-ray 3D, making it worth the Price.


10/7/2013: Gravity Falls, but your hopes shouldn't.


10/4/2013: Curse of Chucky isn't worth a DOLLar.


10/3/2013: The ending of The East goes south.


10/2/2013:  Don't tell Eric!  The Little Mermaid has not aged well.


10/1/2013: The Wolfpack says goodbye in The Hangover Part III.


9/30/2013: I couldn't wait for the end of This is the End.


9/27/2013: Season 16 of South Park is topical, but not hysterical.


9/26/2013: TBS isn't the only place to watch The Big Bang Theory.


9/25/2013: Hannibal bites off more than it can chew.


9/24/2013: Insanity shines through in Room 237.


9/23/2013: Don't be afraid to tape over V/H/S/2.


9/20/2013: The Kings of Summer should rule your viewing schedule.


9/19/2013: Halloween turns 35, but still looks great.


9/17/2013: If things don't improve in Homeland: Season Two, they win.


9/16/2013: The Iron Man series coming roaring back with the third entry.


9/12/2013: The zombies are fast and so is the action in World War Z.


9/11/2013: The first season of Nashville is out of tune.


9/10/2013: Someone should drain The Black Waters of Echo's Pond.


9/9/2013: Kids of all ages will enjoy The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.


9/6/2013: The story drowns in A Bay of Blood.


9/5/2013: Even for Washington, D.C., that's a lot of Scandal.


9/5/2013: Slightly Single in LA deserves to be alone.


9/4/2013: Go AWOL from Frankenstein's Army.


9/4/2013: Return to Never Land, where the same story is told over and over.


9/3/2013: If you ax me, Hatchet III is more of the same.


9/2/2013: Now You See Me telling you to see Now You See Me.


8/30/2013: The Walking Dead shows signs of life in Season Three.


8/30/2013: This movie looks as if it was directed by a zombie.


8/29/2013: No matter which title is used, this movie isn't very good.


8/28/2013: Half of the title Pain & Gain is correct.


8/27/2013: Quicksilver is pretty dim-witted.


8/26/2013: The Great Gatsby lives up to its name.


8/25/2013: Epic fails to live up to its name.


8/21/2013: The fairy tale continues in Once Upon a Time Season Two.


8/20/2013: Wither isn't original, but it's effective.


8/19/2013: No One Lives, nor should anyone care.


8/19/2013: Don't go To the Wonder.


8/19/2013: Scary MoVie proves that being timely doesn't equal being funny.


8/18/2013: The charming Robin Hood will steal your heart.


8/18/2013: Don't bother pulling out The Sword in the Stone.


8/18/2013: Oliver & Company has gone out of business.


8/17/2013: The Devil's Backbone can't carry the weight of this film.


8/16/2013: Revenge loses track of its target in Season Two.


8/15/2013: The power of The Muppet Movie can now be felt on Blu-ray Disc.


8/14/2013: Body Double is a movie you'll only watch once.


8/14/2013: The Fog can't hide the classic nature of this movie.


8/13/2013: Fans say "neigh" to My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.


8/12/2013: No child should know What Maisie Knew.


8/10/2013: Banshee's false identity can't hide its problems.


8/9/2013: There's no justice for West of Memphis.


8/8/2013: My Amityville Horror will lead to your disappointment.


8/7/2013: Peggy Sue Got Married and then traveled back in time.


8/6/2013: The plot twists come pretty fast in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.


7/31/2013: There's nothing shocking in Aftershock.


7/29/2013: Use Purell if you touch the Hands of the Ripper.


7/26/2013: Olympus Has Fallen, but my hopes for a good action movie haven't.


7/25/2013: Cobra strikes back in G.I. Joe: Retaliation.


7/24/2013: Flashy visuals and deep bass can put you in a Trance.


7/22/2013: Run away from The Demented.


7/19/2013: Detention of the Dead deserves to be expelled.


7/18/2013: An Affair of the Heart doesn't begin to describe the obsession here.


7/17/2013: Bullet to the Head or watch this movie?  Hmm...


7/16/2013: Solomon Kane comes off of the shelf to fight evil.


7/15/2013: Sleepless in Seattle offers trans-continental romance.


7/12/2013: 42 is a home run.


7/11/2013: There's something boring in the woods.


7/10/2013: Would You Rather watch a terrible movie or this mediocre one?


7/8/2013: Aquaman shouldn't watch Robot Chicken DC Comics Special.


7/7/2013: An unbalanced script will keep a Dead Man Down.


7/5/2013: I fell asleep at 23:59 while watching this movie.


7/4/2013: I object to the ending of Damages: The Final Season.


7/3/2013: Don't let any of your personalities watch 6 Souls.


7/2/2013: We finally get full season releases of Regular Show.


7/1/2013: Decline the invitation from The Host.


6/28/2013: The split between story and special effects is Upside Down here.


6/27/2013: Space vampires invade London in Lifeforce.


6/26/2013: The Howling wakes the neighbors on Blu-ray Disc.


6/25/2013: Movie 43, Audience 0.


6/24/2013: Come Out and Play needs a time-out.


6/21/2013: Even those 21 & Over still make bad decisions.


6/20/2013: There's nothing worth seeing in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone's hat.


6/19/2013: Dead Souls offers some novel ideas.


6/18/2013: What possessed them to make The Last Exorcism Part II?


6/18/2013: The Atlantis films gave me a sinking feeling.


6/17/2013: Jack the Giant Slayer is a huge disappointment.


6/16/2013: Things are Kuzcoriffic in The Emperor's New Groove movies.


6/15/2013: Oz The Great and Powerful drives off the yellow brick road.


6/14/2013: The Mad Max Trilogy speeds onto Blu-ray Disc.


6/6/2013: Teen Wolf is a good MTV show...no, seriously.


6/5/2013: The Newsroom takes an intelligent look at current events.


6/4/2013: Dark Skies needs to lighten up a bit.


6/3/2013: Lilo & Stitch say "Aloha!" on Blu-ray.


6/2/2013: Adventure Time brings Lumpy Space Princes to HD...sort of.


5/31/2013: A new husband and a second season aren't in the cards for the Red Widow.


5/30/2013: Don't be a blockhead!  Watch Lego Batman: The Movie!


5/29/2013: Use The ABCs of Death to spell "B-A-D".


5/28/2013: Let Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters fatten you up with fun.


5/27/2013: This Crimewave almost ruined several careers.


5/24/2013: You can't count on The Numbers Station for entertainment.


5/22/2013: Sadako 3D needs to crawl back into the TV.


5/21/2013: Parker is a bad combination of too much and too little.


5/20/2013: Beautiful Creatures contains some ugly moments.


5/17/2013: 20 years later, Philadelphia doesn't look as healthy.


5/17/2013: Nightfall is Chinese noir with a twist.


5/16/2013: The Burning will be a hot release for slasher film fans.


5/15/2013: Jonesing for politics with fangs?  Watch True Blood: Season Five.


5/14/2013: Don't bother taking A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.


5/13/2013: Broken City, broken movie.


5/10/2013: I'd forgotten about Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights by the next day.


5/9/2013: It's The Man of Steel vs. Brainiac in Superman: Unbound.


5/8/2013: Frankie Go Boom.  I go find a better movie.


5/7/2013: Silver Linings Playbook needs to consult a book called the DSM.


5/6/2013: Sit down and enjoy The Last Stand.


5/3/2013: Jack Reacher can't quite get a grip on being an action hero.


5/2/2013: Dexter has all kinds of female problems in Season Seven.


5/1/2013: You'll sleep through The Night of the Hunted.


4/30/2013: My valuable time was Wasted on the Young.


4/29/2013: The Guilt Trip runs out of gas.


4/26/2013: The Grapes of Death may not be quite ready to eat.


4/25/2013: A Monster in Paris needs to see a vet in Paris.


4/24/2013: Yes, Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie actually exists.


4/23/2013: Gangster Squad should not be on the most wanted list.


4/20/2013: The Nameless is also pointless.


4/19/2013: Fortress deserves a re-trial.


4/18/2013: Avoid The Dark Sleep and just take a nap instead.


4/17/2013: This State of Emergency is more like a County Seat of Emergency.


4/16/2013: Wings of Life never gets off the ground.


4/15/2013: Dirk Gently once again proves that the book is better than the movie (or TV show).


4/14/2013: Iron Man: Rise of Technovore would have made a great Iron Man 2.


4/13/2013: This movie is an Escapee from the bad film vault.


4/12/2013: Norwegian folklore comes to life in Thale.


4/11/2013: We're not clowning around -- Stitches is bad.


4/10/2013: This movie will Crush your hopes of having a good time.


4/9/2013: John Dies at the End is a wacky title for a wacky movie.


4/8/2013: Kevin Smith gets mushy in Jersey Girl.


4/7/2013: It's a swing and a miss for The Sandlot.


4/6/2013: There's nothing valuable inside Storage 24.


4/5/2013: Those with a fear of rabbits will be Tormented by this film.


3/30/2013: Futureworld plays like a thing from the past.


3/28/2013: Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out is some funny Sith.


3/27/2013: Billy Crystal is back and better than ever in Parental Guidance.


3/26/2013: If 13 Eerie is an address, pray you get lost on the way there.


3/25/2013: A lack of action takes The Fury out of this movie.


3/24/2013: Shadow People should remain in the dark.


3/23/2013: Bachelorette will remain an old maid.


3/22/2013: Les Miserables lives up to its name.


3/21/2013: Smashed needs some librium, stat.


3/19/2013: Hitchcock casts a shadow on Blu-ray Disc.


3/18/2013: Holidays and legends join forces in Rise of the Guardians.


3/17/2013: Life of Pi earns its stripes on Blu-ray Disc.


3/16/2013: Feel the fury of those who missed out on the limited edition of Christine.


3/15/2013: Spiders -- Eight Legs, Zero Story.


3/13/2013: This isn't The First Time I've seen a movie like this.


3/12/2013: I'll bet you don't finish Lay the Favorite.


3/11/2013: You'll most likely sleep through the Red Dawn.


3/10/2012: A double-dose of Brother Bear is almost too much to...take.


3/9/2013: Mulan and Mushu meet Huns and High Definition on Blu-ray Disc.


3/7/2013: Take bottled water and skip the Oasis of the Zombies.


3/6/2013: MC Hammer does not star in The Intouchables.


3/5/2013: Don't put your faith in The Master.


3/4/2013: Zombie Lake needs to be drained.


3/3/2013: It's a movie about a movie in Grave Encounters 2.


3/2/2013: Hollow -- It's the feeling you'll have after watching this movie.


3/1/2013: Playing for Keeps misses its goal.


2/27/2013: Gaming goes both both retro and rogue in Wreck-It Ralph.


2/26/2013: When it comes to acting, The Insider smokes the competition.


2/25/2013: It's 3D and one eye in Monsters Inc.


2/24/2013: There's nothing fun about Fun Size.


2/23/2013: TerrorVision and The Video Dead will have you reaching for the remote.


2/22/2013: Affleck gets political and serious in Argo.


2/21/2013: Bond is back and boring in Skyfall.


2/20/2013: Great cause. Terrible movie.


2/19/2013: Your love life will seems a bit less complicated after watching The Sessions.


2/19/2013: Robot & Frank will steal your heart.


2/18/2013: Undefeated proves that there is drama in football.


2/17/2013: The Factory needs to experience some layoffs.


2/17/2013: Did you know that Paul Williams is Still Alive?


2/16/2013: The party gets surreal on Regular Show.


2/14/2013: Here Comes the Boom and the cliches.


2/12/2013: Kill for Me?  More like, "Take this back to Redbox for me."


2/10/2013: Mimesis is a different kind of copycat.


2/9/2013: If you like Prison, you should be locked up.


2/7/2013: Fall in love with divorce in Celeste & Jesse Forever.


2/5/2013: Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (until the next one).


2/4/2013: Nobody Walks away from this movie...they run.


2/4/2013: Madly Madagascar simply made me mad.


2/3/2013: You can fly to check out the great video on the Peter Pan Blu-ray.


1/31/2013: It's scary how bad Paranormal Activity 4 is.


1/31/2013: Turn on the light and watch The Nest scurry.


1/31/2013: Citadel proves that sometimes you should take the stairs.


1/30/2013: Witch Hansel & Gretel movie is this?


1/29/2013: The Cold War and Superman appear in The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2.


1/29/2013: This Lightning Bug does not shine.


1/28/2013: You'd have to be crazy to not check out Seven Psychopaths.


1/27/2013: Miley goes So Undercover to play a dumb sorority girl.  What a stretch!


1/26/2013: Love Me?  I didn't even like you.


1/23/2013: Death Race 3: Inferno doesn't come in last.


1/22/2013: This Experiment in Terror fails. 


1/21/2013: This movie gives Compliance officer a new meaning.


1/19/2013: I'm cursed with an affection for the wacky Deadly Blessing.


1/17/2013: Don't pay the ransom for Taken 2.


1/16/2013: Won't Back Down doesn't hold up.


1/14/2013: Night of the Devils is an Italian film based on a Russian story.


1/11/2013: Season 3 of Archer invites you into a zone filled with danger.


1/7/2013: Frankenweenie proves that sometimes dead is better.


1/7/2013: Trust me, you'll Sleep Tight while this movie's playing.


1/7/2013: 96 minutes of my life have been Stolen.


1/2/2013: If you need help making fun of Youtube, then Tosh is your man.


1/1/2013: No subject is safe in Episodes: The Complete Second Season.

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