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9/23/2019: Gremlins undergoes a transformation on 4K.


9/18/2019: The Prey -- equal parts nature documentary and horror film.


9/16/2019: Bless your heart, Darlin'.  You're movie's weird.


9/9/2019: The Aladdin 4K UHD looks and sounds amazing!


9/6/2019: Enter a whole new, but very familiar, world in Aladdin.


9/4/2019: Elton John's life-story comes to life in Rocketman.


9/3/2019: Don't go to the party at Ma's.


8/23/2019: You've seen The Hills Have Eyes Part 2, even if you haven't seen it.


8/22/2019: Batman: Family Matters shows that Legos can make anything.


8/7/2019: Don't let Touch of Death come within reach of you.


8/6/2019: Deadpool meets cute in Pokemon Detective Pikachu.


8/5/2019: The Curse of La Llorona is coming for you.


8/2/2019: Alita: Battle Angel feels a bit robotic.


8/1/2019: Manifest should have stayed on the tarmac.


7/13/2019: The New York Ripper lives up to its brutal reputation.


7/12/2019: Shazam! can fly high, but his movie is too long.


7/3/2019: The changes make this Pet Sematary difficult to Gage.


7/2/2019: 13 Hours minus 9 hours equals 4K.  Or something like that.


7/1/2019: Don't make The Haunting of Sharon Tate part of your family.


6/10/2019: The Illusionist certainly lives up to its name.


5/24/2019: The Hole in the Ground isn't as deep as it would like to be.


5/23/2019: Mortuary is dead on arrival.


5/22/2019: You can easily Escape From Womens Prison (Just ignore it.)


5/21/2019: The Hidden World should probably remain hidden.


5/20/2019: Served hot or cold, Death Warmed Up disappoints.


5/9/2019: Masked Mutilator puts the slasher film in a headlock.


5/8/2019: Level 16 goes all the way to the top.


5/7/2019: Warner Bros. shoots a brick with The Lego Movie 2.


5/6/2019: Modern technology meets colonial times as The Witch hits 4K.


4/24/2019: Vice brings back some bad memories.


4/23/2019: It takes a bunch of Johns to form the Mega Time Squad.


4/22/2019: One copy of Replicas will be enough.


4/19/2018: Don't be a"Frid" of the Master of Dark Shadows.


4/18/2019: This weekend, check out a new Starboy.


4/17/2019: Glass shattered the expectations for a good sequel.


4/16/2019: Don't follow Archer to Danger Island.


4/15/2019: Scared Stiff?  Not so much.


4/3/2019: Welcome to Marwen.  Now leave and find a better movie.


4/2/2019: The Transformers sequels are yellow with envy about Bumblebee.


4/1/2019: Old meets new in the last version of Nancy Drew.


3/27/2019: More bad things happen in the countryside in Matriarch.


3/26/2019: Superstition will hit you like a buzzsaw.


3/25/2019: Something this mediocre doesn't happen by Accident.


3/18/2019: Tell your fish friends that Aquaman is OK. 


3/13/2019: The Manitou is coming for you.


3/12/2019: Fantastic Beasts, lackluster movie.


3/11/2019: Mortal Engines quickly runs out of gas.


3/4/2019: Instant Family adopts a surprisingly realistic tone.


3/1/2019: What could Strip Nude for Your Killer be about?


2/28/2019: Are you watching Kolobos or is it watching you?


2/27/2019: The Favourite?  Not by a long shot.


2/26/2019: Green Book offers an educational trip.


2/25/2019: Creed II is like a re-run of a copy of a duplicate.


2/19/2019: The Little Mermaid swims onto Blu-ray Disc...again.


2/18/2019: Don't invite Next of Kin to the family reunion.


2/15/2019: Invasion of the Blood Farmers could use some subsidies.


2/14/2019: Ralph Breaks the Internet is off-line.


2/13/2019: Of corpse The Possession of Hannah Grace is a rip-off.


2/12/2019: This Possum is not playing dead...it is dead.


2/11/2019: Don't check into the Haunted Hospital.


2/8/2019: A Star is Born.  We were bored.


2/7/2019: The Golem has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings.


2/6/2019: Bohemian Rhapsody will rock your world.


2/5/2019: Skinner is a pore example of a horror movie.


2/4/2019: Haven't you already seen The Cloverfield Paradox?


1/31/2019: You will Nazi enough monsters in Overlord.


1/30/2019: Find a rainbow of killers in All the Colors of Giallo.


1/29/2019: No need to copy-protect Boy Erased.


1/28/2019: Reign of the Supermen asks the real Man of Steel to step forward.


1/25/2019: Watching All the Colors of the Dark is like being in prism.


1/24/2019: This Nutcracker has four realms and zero reasons to exist.


1/23/2019: Audition doesn't hold up after a second viewing.


1/22/2019: There's no need to reach the summit of Crimson Peak.


1/21/2019: You're a not so mean one Mr. Grinch.


1/18/2019: Goosebumps 2 is a love-letter to Halloween.


1/17/2019: The Dark is hiding a pretty-good movie.


1/16/2019: What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? and why should I care?


1/15/2019: The House That Would Not Die does not scare.


1/14/2019: First Man offers the dark side of the space program.


12/28/2018: The mask is right and that's about it in Halloween.


12/27/2018: Your credits won't transfer to Night School.


12/26/2018: The time isn't right for The House With a Clock in its Walls.


12/14/2018: Colette does a bad job telling a good story.


12/13/2108: Peppermint won't leave you with a fresh feeling.


12/12/2018: Throne of Atlantis does Aquaman little justice.


12/11/2018: You may Fallout of your seat during the first act.


12/10/2018: The Nun does nothing for Catholic outreach.


11/30/2018: Bloody Birthday is bloody awesome.


11/28/2018: Maniac shows that looking better doesn't equal being better.


11/27/2018: Are you dying to get this Zombie re-release?


11/26/2018: Can't Hardly Wait for this odd re-release.


11/12/2018: There's not much that's incredible in The Incredibles 2.


11/9/2018: Rachel Chu adds something new to Crazy Rich Asians.


11/8/2018: A bigger shark isn't a better shark in The Meg.


11/7/2018: BlacKkKlansman holds a mirror up to the present.


11/6/2018: There's no model behavior in Blood and Black Lace.


11/5/2018: Mamma Mia!  Not Again!


11/2/2018: Follow Teen Titans To The Movies.


10/26/2018: Generation Wealth is a bad investment.


10/22/2018: Ant-Man and The Wasp loom large in the MCU.


10/19/2018: Clear your browser history for Unfriended: Dark Web.


10/15/2018: Will Torso appeal to anybody?


10/12/2018: Constantine: City of Demons should be evacuated.


10/9/2018: Waste no time in seeing Leave No Trace.


10/8/2018: Arizona is not a great advertisement for Arizona.


10/4/2018: Skyscraper reaches for new heights, but falls flat.


10/3/2018: The First Purge should be the last purge.


 10/2/2018: Blood Fest is not the best.


10/1/2018: Anthropophagus is a mouthful. 


9/28/2018: We're Afraid that we can't recommend this one.


9/27/2018: After a few minutes, I was watching this one Solo.


9/26/2018: Absurd.  Yep, pretty much.


9/21/2018: Don't rush to see The Row.


9/20/2018: Welcome aboard [Rec]4: Apocalypse.


9/19/2018: You're invited to experience [Rec]3: Genesis.


9/18/2018: [Rec] gets locked inside of a Blu-ray Disc.


9/17/2018: Is this an Occupation worth pursuing?


9/13/2018: The cast of Ocean's 8 steal the show.


9/12/2018: Playtime is deadly in The Toybox.


9/11/2018: Tag.  Now it's your turn to be disappointed.


9/10/2018: Don't go out of your way to see this Grindhouse Double Feature.


9/7/2018: The title Dead Night is the least confusing thing here.


9/6/2018: Don't be a-Fred of Won't You Be My Neighbor?


9/5/2018: Adrift will leave you with a sinking feeling.


9/4/2018: You're invited to a wedding on The Big Bang Theory.


9/3/2018: Return of the Living Dead Part II has no pulse.


8/28/2018: Don't bother joining this Book Club.


8/27/2018: Deadpool 2 cranks up the craziness.


8/24/2018: Hot dog!  It's The Horror of Party Beach!


8/23/2018: Watch a microchip do a flip in Upgrade.


8/22/2018: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit gets the 4K treatment.


8/10/2018: It's Doomsday for Metropolis in The Death of Superman.


8/7/2018: The Case of the Scorpion's Tail has not sting.


8/6/2018: Add Life of the Party to your class schedule.


8/3/2018: Marital bliss doesn't exist On Chesil Beach.


8/2/2018: The Changeling will change how you look at modern ghost movies.


8/1/2018: Be prepared to laugh and cry with Avengers: Infinity War.


7/31/2018: Doom Asylum is Kristin Davis' second worst movie.


7/30/2018: Take the plunge with Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis.


7/25/2018: Baby blues are just the beginning in Tully.


7/23/2018: Super Troopers 2 goes too Farva.


7/19/2018:  Truth or Dare?  Is neither an option?


7/17/2018: Ready Player One is a pop-culture party.


  7/16/2018: I Feel Pretty bummed out by this movie. 


7/5/2018: Rampage is another video game disaster.


7/3/2018: The plotholes in this film could fill A Quiet Place.


6/29/2018: Blockers? Maybe blinders would be a better choice.


6/22/2018: Find yourself a copy of The Mimic.


6/22/2018: This Flower feels more like a weed.


6/21/2018: Unsane?  How about unrealistic?


6/20/2018: Pacific Rim: Uprising emerges from the dark.


6/19/2018: Tomb Raider hasn't mastered the croft of filmmaking.


6/19/2018: Hopefully this Midnight Sun won't rise at your house.


6/18/2018: Love, Simon.  Loved the movie.


6/18/2018: Every Day?  No, but it's worth watching at least once.


6/15/2018: Zombie 3 had three directors.  Coincidence?


6/14/2018: Brunch or The Church?  Tough call.


6/13/2018: Have you seen Aliens?  Then you've seen Shocking Dark


6/12/2018: You can doo better than Daphne & Velma.


6/11/2018: Logic and quality face Annihilation.


6/8/2018: Mission: Impossible goes Rogue on 4K.


6/7/2018: Be on the Hunt for Mission: Impossible 4 on 4K UHD.


6/6/2018: Peter Pan flies back onto Blu-ray Disc again.


6/5/2018: Terminator Genisys morphs into 4K.


6/4/2018: Jurassic World bites into 4K.


6/1/2018: Make Game Night part of your movie night.


5/16/2018: The Matrix 4K is worth the upgrade.


5/9/2018: I Kill Giants has some big problems.


5/8/2018: The Manor should be burned to the ground.


5/7/2018: Batman Ninja is a wild ride through time.


4/27/2018: Fifty Shades Freed should have been detained.


4/26/2018: Killer worms meet climate change in the sixth Tremors film.


4/25/2018: If you've seen Deep Blue Sea, then you've seen Deep Blue Sea 2.


4/18/2018: My Friend Dahmer is not worth knowing.


4/17/2018: Paddington 2 much fun to bear.


4/16/2018: Liquid Sky ushers in a new wave of weird.


4/13/2018: Watch Chris Evans Push his way towards stardom.


4/12/2018: Knowing is worth knowing.


4/11/2018: Hit the road with Father Figures.


4/10/2018: Molly's Game is worth playing.


4/9/2018: Suicide Squad is better when it's animated.


4/4/2018: Get in the ring with The Greatest Showman.


4/3/2018: Grease looks better than ever in 4K.


4/2/2018: This release leaves a Sandlot to be desired.


4/1/2018: Permanent.  That feels about right.


3/20/2018: The Flash is one fast Lego. 


3/19/2018: Chill with Batman & Mr. Freeze.


3/15/2018: The Sandman will put you to sleep.


3/13/2018: Justice League is not super.


3/12/2018: The Shape of Water is not the best movie of 2017.


3/8/2018: Meet The Man Who Invented Christmas.


3/7/2018: Downsizing is Payne-ful to watch.


3/6/2018: Thor: Ragnarok is the best movie of 2017.


3/5/2018: Lady and the Tramp is beautiful but shallow.


3/2/2018: Pitch Perfect 3 hits a sour note.


3/1/2018: Scalpel cuts a swath across Georgia.


2/28/2018: Three Billboards advertises a new take on a familiar story.


2/27/2018: The skates aren't the only razor-sharp things in I, Tonya.


2/26/2018: Coco is so-so.


2/15/2018: Oldman plays an old man in Darkest Hour.


2/14/2018: The Sect has his father's eyes.


2/13/2018: Some nice changes "Carrie" Homeland in a new direction.


2/12/2018: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life is a long title.


2/9/2018: This Gate II shall be closed.


2/8/2018: Victor Crowley says bayou guys!


2/7/2018: Parenting actually works in Daddy's Home 2.


2/6/2018: A better picture doesn't make Daddy's Home a better movie.


2/5/2018: The Aftermath?  Disappointment.


1/29/2018: Batman vs. Jack the Ripper.  'Nuff said.


1/25/2018: Woody Woodpecker attempts a comeback.


1/24/2018: Suburbicon should move out of town.


1/23/2018: 10 Cloverfield Lane is somehow worse on 4K.


1/22/2018: Cloverfield -- The second best found footage movie.


1/11/2018: Geostorm puts a damper on movie night.


1/10/2018: Something is blocking The Lego Ninjago Movie from being good.


1/9/2018: This Opera falls flat.


1/8/2018: Blade Runner 2049 is real...real mediocre.


1/5/2018: A serial killer in Oslo?  Norway!


1/4/2018: It doesn't clown around.


1/3/2018: Brad's Status is not as good as his movie.


1/2/2018: The Houses October Built 2 should be condemned (again).


1/1/2018: Brawl in Cell Block 99 should be incarcerated.


12/29/2017: There's not enough mayhem in Mayhem.


12/28/2017: Morrissey?  More like bore-issey.


12/27/2017: American Made a mistake straying from the truth.


12/26/2017: Hell Night. Yeah, that sums it up.


12/25/2017: M.F.A. is Ms. 45 2017.


12/22/2017: The Dark Knight Rises is a disappointing finale.


12/21/2017: it's no joke.  The Dark Knight arrives on 4K.


12/20/2017: Batman Begins a trilogy on 4K.


12/19/2017: Spend a day with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.


12/18/2017: Stronger shows us what a true story should look like.


12/15/2017: Kingsman: The Golden Circle is solid gold.


12/14/2017: You should not go Home Again.


12/13/2017: This isn't your Mother!'s art film.


12/12/2017: Dunkirk is no day at the beach.


12/11/2017: American Assassin murders the spy genre.


12/1/2017: I wish Transformers movies were extinct.


11/30/2017: Dark of the Moon looks pretty bright on 4K.


11/29/2017: Transformers offers more than meets the eye on 4K.


11/22/2017: Crucifixion to turn this off.


11/21/2017: Gru and Dru meet you in Despicable Me 3.


11/20/2017: Cars 3 shows that the series is going in circles.


11/16/2017: Deathdream has a nightmarish ending.


11/15/2017: Best to not watch Better Watch Out.


11/14/2017: Woodshockingly bad.


11/13/2017: Rememory is easily forgettable.


11/10/2017: Lacking in both funds and spirit.


11/9/2017: The Hitman's Bodyguard misses the mark.


11/8/2017: Logan Lucky.  Audience not.


11/7/2017: I have reservations about recommending Wind River.


11/6/2017: We can see right through The Glass Castle.


11/3/2017: Atomic Blonde's have more gun.


11/2/2017: The Show should be canceled.


11/1/2017: Rawhead Rex should have remained an underground film.


10/31/2017: Linda Blair has big hair in a film which is rare.


10/30/2017: I not dreaming of a Red Christmas.


10/27/2017: Dave Made a Maze worth exploring.


10/26/2017: Take a chance on Kidnap.


10/25/2017: Are you ghosting The Emoji Movie?


10/24/2017: Annabelle: Creation isn't toying around.


10/23/2017: Batman Vs. Two-Face is a weird flashback.


10/12/2017: Warm Bodies heats up the zombie genre.


10/11/2017: This Popcorn is stale.


10/10/2017: Wish Upon a star for a better movie.


10/9/2017: Leave The Book of Henry on the shelf.


10/6/2017: The House is full of craps.


10/5/2017: Ruby is a classic B-movie bait and switch.


10/4/2017: A Ghost Story is a pile of sheet.


10/3/2017: The Beguiled?  Try bewildered.


10/2/2017: Open Water 3 is more than just fake news.


9/29/2017: Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars left me feeling betrayed.


9/28/2017: Please let it be the last one.


9/27/2017: 47 Meters Down looks very familiar.


9/26/2017: The Golden Age appears in Justice League: The New Frontier.


9/25/2017: Spacecamp should be grounded.


9/24/2017: Celebrate a decade of The Big Bang Theory.


9/23/2017: The Real Story sounds fake.


9/8/2017: There's something about Phenomena which bugs me...


9/7/2017: The Big Sick gets a clean bill of health.


9/6/2017: Guess what I felt for The Hatred?


9/5/2017: Avoid The Creep Behind the Camera.


9/4/2017: Keep this Mummy under wraps.


8/31/2017: The Cabin in the Woods isn't as clever as it thinks it is.


8/30/2017: Fart jokes?  That's what you get with Batman and Harley Quinn.


8/29/2017: The movie is really called Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack.


8/28/2017: Supergirl flies through some changes in Season Two.


8/25/2017: Red is even more fun in 4K.


8/24/2017: The Killer Barbys are not what every girl wants.


8/23/2017: The Slayer will bore you to sleep.


8/22/2017: Alien: Covenant promises to suck.


8/21/2017: The White Princess is a colorful show.


8/18/2017: Baywatch something else.


8/16/2017: Ash Vs Evil Dead: Season 2 continues the gory fun.


8/15/2017: Trust me, they are adverse.


8/14/2017: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 brings 4K to Disney.


8/11/2017: Hit the Kill Switch before the movie even starts.


8/10/2017: Want to know How to Be a Latin Lover?


8/9/2017: The Lincoln Lawyer has a winning case.


8/8/2017: This Sword is pretty dull.


8/7/2017: The Zodiac Killer twists the facts in a weird way.


8/3/2017: Have a big lunch and skip The Dinner.


7/31/2017: Remember to check out Phoenix Forgotten.


7/26/2017: The Good Son is a good movie.


7/25/2017: The Stendhal Syndrome takes a unique look at art.


7/24/2017: A short film is dissected in Behind the Mask.


7/21/2017: Resident Evil: Vendetta isn't playing around.


7/20/2017: Don't let Ghost in the Shell haunt you.


7/19/2017: Colossal has a lot of things, except for explanations.


7/18/2017: Do not enter The Circle.


7/17/2017: Unforgettable is...what were we talking about?


7/11/2017: Kong: Skull Island is definitely worth visiting.


7/10/2017: Song to Song is tone deaf.


7/7/2017: Don't look for The Lost City of Z.


7/6/2017: Or Smurfs: The Lost Village either.


7/5/2017: The Fate of the Furious is probably another movie.


7/3/2017: The Zookeeper's Wife is a little cagey with the details.


6/20/2017: Re-visit Joe Versus the Volcano.


6/19/2017: The Bird with the Crystal Plumage flies once again.


6/16/2017: Let the Chips fall...


6/15/2017: Watch T2 Trainspotting now!


6/14/2017: Death Line should stay underground.


6/13/2017: Let's breath new Life into the alien genre.


6/12/2017: The Lego Batman Movie blocks boredom.


6/9/2017: I got sick of A Cure For Wellness.


6/8/2017: Arnold continues to be serious in Aftermath.


6/7/2017: Dwayne loses The Rock in Snitch.


6/6/2017: Dredd is an action film done right.


6/5/2017: Ex Machina comes to 4K...and it's still boring.


5/31/2017: Madhouse is worth visiting.


5/30/2017: Evil Ed is about an editor and it needs an editor.


5/29/2017: Fist Fight does not pack a punch.


5/26/2017: You will like I Am Heath Ledger.


5/25/2017: Logan is not your average X-Men film.


5/24/2017: Wonder Woman.  No, not that one.


5/23/2017: Xander Cage is back.  Oh, was he gone?


5/22/2017: Voodoo Black Exorcist is a misleading title.


5/19/2017: Collide had no impact on me.


5/18/2017: The Great Wall is a mediocre movie.


5/17/2017: It's the litter box for A Street Cat Named Bob.


5/16/2017: I'm addicted to Brain Damage.


5/15/2017: You may fit in with The Outcasts.


5/12/2017: University of National Champions.


5/11/2017: A Dog's Purpose is weird and has a wet nose.


5/10/2017: Don't Divorce yourself from this dramedy.


5/9/2017: Maybe your TV screen will be Fifty Shades Darker.


5/3/2017: Don't honor The Judas Contract.


5/2/2017: Let's maintain The Space Between Us.


5/1/2017: Runs Rings around other recent horror films. 


4/27/2017: Try to avoid Making Contact.


4/26/2017: I can't dance to The Mephisto Waltz.


4/25/2017: Gold is worth investing in.


4/24/2017: La La Land?  More like Blah Blah Bland.


4/10/2017: Indispensable for the Donnie Darko fan.


4/6/2017: Serial Mom slays on Blu-ray Disc.


4/5/2017: House deserves to be re-occupied. House II on the other hand...


4/4/2017: It's not all love and rockets in Hidden Figures.


4/3/2017: Underworld: Blood Wars could use a cease-fire.


3/30/2017: A Star Wars side-story proves to be a gamble.


3/23/2017: Monster Trucks is just plain weird.


3/22/2017: Youth in Oregon gets old fast.


3/21/2017: Cancel the Office Christmas Party.


3/20/2017: Disappointing movies are easy to find.


3/17/2017: Assassin's Creed may be the worst movie of the year.


3/16/2017: Live by Night is DOA.


3/15/2017: Don't plant the Demon Seed.


3/14/2017: Be sure to answer when A Monster Calls.


3/13/2017: Collateral Beauty gets pretty emotional.


3/7/2017: For the Love of Spock is a logical choice for viewing.


3/6/2017: Sing just comes off as flat.


3/3/2017: Fences can't keep the bad man out.


3/2/2017: Moana is worth chicken out.


3/1/2017: A*P*E is an odd way to spell terrible.


2/28/2017: Shut In is the worst movie of the year.


2/27/2017: Doctor Strange will see you now.


2/15/2017: The Gate is a "hole" lot of fun.


2/14/2017: Moonlight is not very bright.


2/13/2017: Hacksaw Ridge is a story which needs to be told.


2/10/2017: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk looks better than it really is.


2/9/2017: As is This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse.


2/8/2017: At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul is a bad pick-up line.


2/7/2017: These Nocturnal Animals will not have their day.


2/6/2017: John Wick shoots his way onto 4K UHD.


2/3/2017: The Edge of Seventeen casts high school in a bad light.


2/2/2017: Loving, or not my reaction to this movie.


2/1/2017: The Arrival of the ending is the best part of this film.


1/31/2017: Only the British could ruin motorcycle zombies in Psychomania.


1/30/2017: Manchester by the Sea shows the true range of real-life emotion.


1/27/2017: Don't get carried away with Season Five of Homeland.


1/26/2017: Justice League Dark is horrorible. 


1/25/2017: The 9th Life of Louis Drax should be #1 on your list.


1/24/2017: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back to the store fast enough.


1/23/2017: It's Hugh Grant vs. symbolism in The Lair of the White Worm.


1/18/2017: There's nothing light about The Light Between Oceans.


1/16/2017: I'm not sure if I'll be able to remember Inferno.


1/12/2017: Keeping With The Joneses Isn't Worth It.


1/10/2017: The Monster lives up to its title and that's about it.


1/9/2017: The Accountant is a worthy investment.


1/6/2017: Blair Witch is the sequel/remake no one wanted.


1/5/2017: The Girl on the Train is worth the trip.


1/4/2017: Was Middle School really this bad?


1/3/2017: In Death Race 2050, no one wins.


1/2/2017: This Maximum Ride goes off of the rails.


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