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  5/25/2020: Fulci in 4K.  Now I've seen everything.


5/25/2020: The video on the Maniac 4K may be better, but the movie isn't.


5/4/2020: If The Dark Red could truly read minds, it wouldn't like what we're thinking.


 4/23/2020: Looking For Alaska should be looking for more realistic characters.


3/1/2020: Terminator: Dark Fate feels more like a Relplicant than a Terminator.


2/28/2020: The Addams Family is for kids...I think.


2/28/2020: Last Christmas may be a waste of talent, but it's a great ad for London.


2/27/2020: Post-partum issues take a nasty turn in Snatchers.


2/26/2020: Is there going to be any Swamp Thing in your Swamp Thing show?


2/24/2020: The best parts of Doctor Sleep come shining through.


2/21/2020: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is just as unnecessary as it sounds.


2/21/2020: You need to see I See You.


2/16/2020: Gemini Man -- Twice the Will Smith, half the quality.


2/14/2020: Is there an app for a movie better than Countdown?


1/28/2020: Maleficient: Mistress of Evil answers all of the questions you didn't know you had.


1/26/2020: Who needs Batman when you have The Joker?


1/23/2020: What's in The Shed?  Is it a better script?


1/23/2020: House by the Cemetery is a dangerous place for tenants and logic.


1/22/2020: Edge of the Axe invented the internet.


1/22/2020: The Girl on the Third Floor should stay there.


1/8/2020: Adopt A Highway is incredilby nerve-wracking.


12/22/2019: Downton Abbey: The Motion Picture is just like the TV show.


12/17/2019: Don't be jelly of The Peanut Butter Falcon.


12/12/2019: The Trick is on the person who pays to see this.


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